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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Focus on Integrity

Living our Values

Focus on Integrity goes straight to the heart of what business ethics means. When we focus on integrity, we uphold our reputation for fair and honest business dealings.

Our Values

Our values provide the foundation for our Company’s practices and standards. Our values remain constant—even though our world is changing.

Honesty means we are truthful and open with each other.
Respect means we appreciate the worth of others and treat everyone with dignity and consideration.
Responsibility means we are accountable for our actions, conduct, and obligations. We follow through on our commitments.
Citizenship means we follow the letter and the spirit of the laws and regulations that govern what we do. We are committed to improving the communities where we live and work.
Environmental Stewardship means we take responsibility for protecting the environment and the health and well being of our employees and neighbors.
Excellence means we strive daily to meet or exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

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