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Our Policy

Business Ethics and Diversity at VHI, Inc.

VHI, Inc. is strongly committed to upholding ethical standards and promoting diversity and inclusion. All employees and others performing work on behalf of the VHI, Inc. are expected to adhere to the laws and regulations that apply to their work activities and demonstrate ethical behavior in all their decisions and interactions.
VHI, Inc. has established a Business Ethics and Diversity Department to oversee the implementation of a comprehensive corporate Ethics and Diversity program. The CEO leads the Department.
The Objectives of the Business Ethics and Diversity Department are to:

  • Create an environment where employees understand the standards of ethical conduct & abide by those standards
  • Develop and sustain a culture where diversity is valued and leveraged, all employees are treated with dignity and respect, are optimal contributors to business objectives and have equal access to opportunity
  • Provide a mechanism for employees to confidentially and/or anonymously communicate breaches in ethical or inclusive behavior without fear of retribution or retaliation
  • Supply training and education to reinforce for all employees VHI, INC., Inc's standards of, and commitment to, ethical conduct.

Current Ethics and Diversity Initiatives Include:

  • Ensuring each and every employee is in possession of a current and relevant Code of Conduct, entitled Focus On Integrity and Inclusion.
  • The Code outlines the Company's core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, citizenship, environmental stewardship and excellence, emphasizes the need for fair and honest business dealings in all aspects of the Company's business, and provides general guidance.
  • Operation of an Integrity Help Line (1-888-810-0620) to assist employees who have questions about a business issue or wish to report a suspected violation
  • This multilingual, confidential and/or anonymous toll-free service is available to all employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Promoting diversity representation of the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team, Management and Professional employees
  • Proactive compliance with all EEO and OFCCP regulations
  • Developing and delivering diversity and inclusion training to all employees with people management responsibilities
  • Regularly communicating VHI, Inc. commitment to ethics, diversity and inclusion
  • Focusing strategic partnerships with community organizations that share our diversity and inclusion commitments
  • Increasing our procurement spend with minority and woman owned businesses

By maintaining a "Focus on Integrity and Inclusion", VHI, Inc. employees will help to minimize business risks and liabilities, while maintaining high standards of personal and professional conduct. This focus will be a key ingredient in creating a reputation for organizational and operational excellence.
Practicing inclusive management creates a high performing work environment where all VHI, Inc. employees and strategic partners are treated with dignity and respect, are optimal contributors to business objectives and have equal access to opportunity.

Bottom Line - Treat people with dignity and respect - they perform better and stay longer.

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