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For Homes

Residential Collection

VHI, Inc. provides dependable, courteous and value-priced collection services. Using modern automated collection vehicles, an increasing number of which now run on low-polluting alternative fuels, VHI, Inc. continues to look for more effective ways to improve the quality of your neighborhood, your community and your environment.


96 Gallon Toter
Wheeled, tilting container with handle and lid
28" Wide x 34" Deep x 43" High

Personal Container

You may provide your own container and be charged the can rate. Personal garbage containers must be no more than 32 gallons in size, have two handles and weigh no more than 65 pounds (including the weight of the can) to be charged the can rate. All sizes and weights above this will be charge data higher rate.


  1. The following is a list of terms and conditions for trash removal:
  2. Trash must be placed at curb the night before or driver may not return.
  3. Not responsible for damages beyond curb line.
  4. Not responsible for damage to plastic cans or missing cans and lids.
  5. We are not permitted by law to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any materials deemed hazardous.
  6. Drums, barrels, yard and household containers not acceptable will be removed as trash and not replaced.
  7. Full service allows 6-32 gallon cans or bags per service day.  Can or bag weight limit is 50 lbs.
  8. Bulky materials such as drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt or rocks are not acceptable.  Loose materials such as shrubbery or lumber must be bundled and tied and cannot exceed 4' in length, 2' in diameter and 50 lbs in weight.
  9. Call 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for any acceptable large items and or excessive amounts of trash, as there may be an extra charge.
Late payments or returned checks may result in additional charges to your account.
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