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Commercial Recycling Service

Commercial recycling collection is available to all businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Businesses can choose from two convenient container styles, toter and container. Collection is offered (for most services) on a weekly, every other week, monthly or on-call basis.

Recycling has forever changed the way waste is managed. Many states and municipalities have mandatory recycling programs. These recycling efforts can require huge investments in manpower, equipment and facilities. The keys to successful recycling programs are education coupled with a keen sensitivity to the economic factors surrounding the entire recycling process. VHI, Inc. can evaluate your current and future recycling needs and create a program that complies with the ever-growing number of federal, state and local regulation.

Paper  & Cardboard Recycling

One of the most critical issues facing people today on a local and national level is the disposal of solid waste. With landfills across the country near or at capacity and concern about preserving our natural resources at an all time high, consumer acceptance and even preference for recycled products has turned the corner, making recycling truly a social and environmental success story.

In the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, VHI, Inc., Inc. is a major contributor to the success of the recycling effort and is at the forefront of creating service-oriented recycling programs and state-of-the-art collection and distribution systems. As a result, VHI, Inc. is recognized for its professional standards and comprehensive approach to the entire recycling process.

Special services include:

White Paper Program - The highest grade of waste paper is collected in offices participating in VHI, Inc.'s White Paper Recycling Program. As the name of the program suggests, only high grade white papers, such as typing paper, memorandums, white bond computer printout and copier paper are acceptable.

Sorted Office Fiber - In response to consumer demand and new technology, such as de-inking, a broader range of papers can now be deposited in recycling bins. Companies participating in VHI, INC.'s Sorted Office Fiber Program can recycle almost every paper product found in an office, including colored paper, NCR forms, most envelopes, magazines, reports, direct mail brochures, FAX paper, etc. Of course, copy paper, computer printout and other white papers are always acceptable.

Printers Waste Program - Developed specifically for small-to-medium size print shops, the VHI, Inc. Printers Waste Program diverts as much as 50% of this traditional waste stream from the trash bin to the recycling container. In addition to saving money on trash collection and/or tipping fees, this free service provides an attractive, environmentally sensitive alternative for quick printers, copy shops and printing companies.

State-of-the-Art Collection Systems - Since 2000, VHI, INC. has led the way in recycling. Our familiar logo and name can be found on desktop collection boxes, carts and containers throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We also advise many of the areas most highly regarded printing companies on state-of-the-art waste management systems that save money, reduce waste, cut labor costs and increase efficiency.

Document Destruction - Many of our customers have begun to request special handling of their sensitive or confidential records. While all of the paper that VHI, Inc. collects is destroyed in the paper recycling process, we understand the needs of those customers who desire a more secure form of collection and disposal for potentially sensitive material.

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