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Commercial Recycling

Have you taken a close look at your waste stream lately? As your business grows and changes, so will the composition of your waste stream. Instead of being recovered, materials such as corrugated cardboard, office paper, metals and wood pallets may be going to the landfill. If your business or corporation has not implemented a comprehensive recycling program you may be missing money-saving opportunities. VHI Recycling's sales professionals can assist you in evaluating your recycling opportunities. How can you get started?

A VHI Recycling representative will conduct a waste survey of your business' waste stream. Our representative will visually inspect and detail the types and volumes of wastes being generated. VHI Recycling will use this information to design a comprehensive recycling program to meet your company's needs.  
As one of the best recyclers in the area…

  • VHI Recycling has long-term marketing agreements that allow us to offer competitive pricing on corrugated cardboard, office paper, printer grades, aluminum cans, industrial plastics and all the items we accept. Ask for a quote!
  • VHI Recycling has your corrugated cardboard recycling needs covered. We service both loose and baled corrugated cardboard generators.
  • VHI Recycling has convenient office paper recycling programs that offer extensive lists of acceptable materials making recycling easy. We accept most papers generated in an office setting, including copy paper, colored ledger paper, computer paper, brochures and envelopes.
  • VHI Recycling can supply your company with a variety of storage containers to fit your service needs. We offer deskside containers, 95-gallon carts, front-load containers, compactors and trailers.
  • VHI Recycling has educational support and in-office training to explain the recycling program to your employees.

Call us for your waste survey. VHI can design a comprehensive recycling program that is convenient, competitively priced and works to reduce your disposal costs.


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